BGL expands Simple Fund 360 support for bank feeds


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Don't worry. Disposals after the locked transaction. Simply click the live chat icon on the top right of your software to begin. What would you like help with? Advice is given about transferring the Td to unitised which is contrary to the advise I was given when transferring to 360! • The instant update of the fund's records on BGL with our draft tax exempt percentage. We’re here to help you thrive. The Contract Note Service will: Read the data from the Contract Note. Knowledge Base Quickly find answers to some of the most commonly asked CAS 360 questions. Simplify your life with automated annual reviews, smart document and company debt alerts, seamless document delivery and digital signing. Fill in your support request and the Simple Fund 360 Help will be reviewed. Create New; Saved Orders; Completed Orders; Support Knowledge base & support tickets. 1 Getting Help To access Simple Fund 360 Help and documentation, from the upper menu, select Help. Search the user/s that needs access to BGL 360 and click Add. BGL Cloud Applications. Bank Data is downloaded using a separate service. Bgl 360 help

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Seek help to resolve your BGL software technical issues with our highly trained staff via live chat from within your CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 software. Create a new report pack in BGL 360 and call it 'Fund Specific Reports - PDF'. 3. Click Roles then click Add Role. · What I would suggest in your case is to re-enter the BSB number in the Chart of Accounts page for the Bank Account, then select ‘Save’ to re-trigger the system. Traffic 360 BLG Checker. BGL's Contract Note Service will automatically upload buy and sell transactions (including PDFs or contract/confirmation notes) to Simple Fund 360 from all major Australian Brokers. From the upper menu, select Feedback: Join the Community. BGL SimpleFund 360 The purpose of this integration to provide a window into BGL SimpleFund360 within your client and client group pages so you can get an overview of key information about your client superfunds without having to leave AccountKit. BGL employs a team of over 80 to handle software development, support, marketing, client service and administration. If you are not able to use the Class Transitions Tool to migrate your BGL Desktop data you can still provide the data files to us manually. How to register for a new BGL training course? Many thanks Matt Balogh. We will require 3 community files (one copy of each) and 5 fund specific files (one set of files for each fund). Log a Support Call To log a support call, select the Log a support call icon at the top of the Simple Fund 360 page. Bgl 360 help

· Hi there, Just started with BGL 360 Trustee version, looking for someone to provide a couple of hours help getting started - looked at the videos, tried SuperAA, but still need tailored help because I am not an accountant. E. This Training Manual is divided into six lessons: Lesson 1 - Simple Fund 360 Administration The Help and Training Resources section provides an overview of Simple Fund 360 and will explain how to get the most out of the software and documentation. Enter keywords in the search field to find the appropriate help file or search the menu on the left-hand side. As a result, our clients can work faster, smarter and with more accuracy! To register for a new Training course, please follow the steps below: How to manage your BGL training registration? BGL Bank Data Service. Getting Started Learn the basics of CAS 360, from setting up a company to customising document templates. To speed up your login, please bookmark the following link and use it in your next login. Learning & Documentation Simple Fund 360 Help CAS 360 Help API Developer Documentation. Our integration with BGL 360 provides a seamless start-to-finish process for preparing your fund’s actuarial certificate. Simple Fund 360 & CAS 360! Contact Support. BGL 3 SAML BGL SAML Configuration. Promoted articles. 2. BGL assume you have some general knowledge of accounting for superannuation funds. BGL's Registry Data Service will confirm holding balances with Australia's main registries. Bgl 360 help

Access the help Navigate the CAS 360 program 1. Vis. 2. To enable the integration, head on into your practice settings and enter your login details to enable BGL CAS 360 on your dashboard. Click on Members, then click Add. Storing a copy of the signed Authority form will be your firm’s responsibility. Quickly find answers to some of the most commonly asked Simple Fund 360 questions. Scheduled deployment with the Customer and BGL Support; Configuring BGL for SSO. If there is anything you would like to see in the program, add your comments to our feedback. With BGL, you’re in safe hands! Click Save. The refresh button - Your company information will refresh each night, but you can force an updated at any time by pushing the refresh button in the top right corner. “We are always looking for new ways to help our clients make the shift from annual processing to more regular processing,” said the announcement by BGL. Dashboard Latest updates & reports; Documents Order or view your documents. To access Simple Fund 360 Help and documentation, from the upper menu, select Help. Task 1. If you are seeing no AI traffic in FSX after installing Traffic 360, despite both the airline and GA traffic density sliders (found in the FSX display settings menu > Traffic tab) being set to 100%, you may have an old FS format traffic database still installed into FSX. Prepare Fund Specific Reports. Bgl 360 help

· A Help search gives me a partial answer in that only unitised TDs are included in AFIs but no explanation is given as to why this is the case. How to Add a Trust in CAS 360 The CAS 360 Dictionary. Add the below reports to the newly created report pack (PDF format):. SF 360: Available up to 3 years. BGL has added part 2 of its AI Assistant – ‘Smart Matching’, which allows what it says is an industry first, “code free SMSF bank processing” – to Simple Fund 360. Need Support? Export BGL Data File. . Fill in your support request and the Simple Fund 360 Help will be reviewed. Don't worry we're here to help! Login to Practice Protect Admin Portal. Enter your username / email address. Simple Fund 360 has helped us streamlining processes and also allowed us to achieve an increase in efficiency and client engagement via its unique mobile app Engage by BGL. With over 30 years of trust in the accounting and compliance software space, BGL delivers award-winning cloud-based corporate compliance and SMSF administration software solutions to over 8,000. For assistance with how to complete this process, please refer to the help article below. The BGL API is an easy and secure way for users to grant access to BGL data to third-party applications without sharing a username and password. Download Method. Bgl 360 help

Upon signing into either CAS 360 or Simple Fund 360, the user can navigate to the Help button and select the Training Courses option from the list. Alternatively, you can contact BGL Support through the BGL Client Centre or by calling. . 2 Getting help and sending feedback To access CAS 360 Help and documentation, from the upper menu, select: Help us improve! Cost base adjustments after the locked transaction. BGL's Simple Fund 360 is a complete administration system for SMSFs. BGL has been delivering award-winning, user-friendly and innovative compliance software solutions for over 30 years. 1. Enter keywords in the search field to find the appropriate help file or search the menu on the left-hand side. BGL is Australia’s leading developer of SMSF administration and corporate compliance software including cloud solutions; Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360. Bank Data is downloaded in one process along with any other supported Banks. BGL will store a copy of the signed Authority form. . Our integration with BGL 360 automates: • The transfer of the actuarial certificate data from BGL 360 to Verus. CAS 360 is the next generation corporate compliance solution CAS 360 will revolutionise the way you work, in fact, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Historical information. I understand that the transactions are locked due to a CGT event that has happened, however it is an absolutely pain to remove or reallocate all future transactions including: Purchases after the locked transaction. What would you like help with? Bgl 360 help

To access the Simple Fund 360 online help, select the Help icon from the upper menu. · BGL, makers of widely used SMSF software, have announced increased support for bank feeds in Simple Fund 360 though integration with MYOB Banklink “This means clients can load data from any MYOB BankLink supported account into Simple Fund 360,” said BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh. Alternatively, you can contact BGL Support through the BGL Client Centre or by calling. To log a support call, select the Log a support call icon at the top of the Simple Fund 360 page. BGL SAML Users. Simple Fund 360 Knowledge Centre Add Bank Account Details to the SMSF Annual Return. . On the Name field, enter the Name of the role i. 2. You can get to this by navigating in BGL 360 to Fund > Fund Export > Export Fund. . Today BGL boasts an extensive client base of over 7,500 businesses in 12 countries including Australia’s largest accounting practises, law firms and public company groups. 38 second response. Hi, Just wondering if anyone else seems to have issued with transactions being locked. Engage by BGL is a next generation mobile app that will make your SMSF business stand out from the crowd and help you to better engage with your clients! Next Options. Ask a question, or help out other SF360 users! It includes the world's first AI processing assistant and the first Deep Learning transaction review/matching assistant for the SMSF software industry. Bgl 360 help

Bgl 360 help

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